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This bibliography of Ozark literature focuses on scientific investigations related to Ozark natural resources. It includes peer-reviewed journal articles as well as "gray literature." It is not exhaustive, but it is periodically updated.

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Journal Articles


Bowles, D.E., Dodd, H.R., Hinsey, J.T., Cribbs, J.T., and Luraas, J.A., 2011, Spring communities monitoring at Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri: 2007-2009 status report: National Park Service. Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/OZAR/NRTR-2011/511. 57 p.   

Dodd, H.R., Bowles, D.E., Mueller, S.K., and Clark, M.K., 2011, Fish community monitoring at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield: 2006-2007, 2010 status report.: National Park Service. Natural Resource Data Series NPS/HTLN/NRDS-2011/176, 20 p.
Dodd, H. R., Bowles, D. E., Mueller, S. K., and Clark, M. K., 2011, Fish community monitoring at George Washington Carver: 2006-2007, 2010 status report.: National Park Service. Natural Resource Data Series NPS/HTLN/NRDS-2011/138.19 p.

Dodd, H. R., Hinsey, J. A., and Mueller, S. K., 2011, Fish community monitoring at Pea Ridge National Military Park: 2009 report: National Park Service. Natural Resources Data Series NPS/HTLN/NRDS 2011/217.13 p.

Journal Articles

Appold, M.S. and Wenz, Z.J., 2011, Composition of ore fluid Inclusions from the Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri District, United States: Implications for transport and precipitation mechanisms: Economic Geology, 106(1): 55-78.

Bonett, R.M., Steffen, M.A., Trujano-Alvarez, A.L., Martin, S.D., Bursey, C.R., and McAllister, C.T., 2011, Distribution, abundance, and genetic diversity of Clinostomum spp. Metacercariae (Trematoda: Digenea) in a modified Ozark stream system: Journal of Parasitology, 97(2): 177-184.

Brewer, S.K. and Ellersieck, M.R., 2011, Evaluating two observational sampling techniques for determining the distribution and detection probability of age-0 smallmouth bass in clear, warmwater Streams: North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 31(5): 894-904.

Brion, G., Brye, K.R., Haggard, B.E., West, C., and Brahana, J.V., 2011, Land-use effects on water quality of a first-order stream in the Ozark Highlands, mid-southern United States: River Research and Applications, 27(6): 772-790.

Brye, K.R. and Gbur, E.E., 2011, Near-surface soil property changes over time as affected by grassland management in the Ozark Highlands: Soil Science, 176(3): 129-135.

Burgmeier, N.G., Unger, S.D., Meyer, J.L., Sutton, T.M., and Williams, R.N., 2011, Health and habitat quality assessment for the eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in Indiana, USA: Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 47(4): 836-848.

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Dodd, L.E., Lacki, M.J., and Rieske, L.K., 2011, Habitat associations of lepidoptera in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas: Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, 84(4): 271-284

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Edens-Meier, R., Joseph, M., Arduser, M., Westhus, E., and Bernhardt, P., 2011, The pollination biology of an annual endemic herb, Physaria filiformis (Brassicaceae), in the Missouri Ozarks following controlled burns: Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, 138(3): 287-297.

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